Ride til we Rot

Ride til we Rot and Party til we Drop

Aup, an old newbie here, or a new oldie. What a strange but well made site.

Theres a virtual drink behind the bar for everyone, but make it a small one cos I'm broke.

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cheers, highland park for me, ta muchly!
Your welcome...
A coffee it is...that guiness is good for you tho'.
popwud said:
A coffee it is...that guiness is good for you tho'.

Where abouts in notts are you fester?
Will that be tother end of the A453, what they are not widening now.

I'm about 5mins from J27.
fester5712 said:
I agree Guiness is good for you but I'm a bfb and tend to drink far too much of it when I do drink it upto like 6 pints a hour...... (:-~)

6 pints an hour bl**dy ell.
fester5712 said:
That's only 6 hour when I'm in a drinkng mood.lol. I usualy stick to coffee cos I'm either riding or having to drive.!

Phew...yeah got wrong junction was thinking j24 with the a453...its the red wine doin it.
fester5712 said:
I'm sitting here nursing a sore head! Went out last night didn't have to drive. So I thought I''ll have just the odd guiness....Bad idea 14 pints and copious amounts of sambuca shots later I fell home!. Daymn I was trying to be good! At least my leg didn't hurt for a few hours.lol

Hahaha...I thought that was good 14 guinesses + shots at least your leg didnt bother ya.

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