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 Nothing to do with Bikes ....everything to do with  Man's best friend  Doggone It! Training A Family Is ‘Ruff'

My name is Chloe. I am the Clyde family puppy. I am a Schnoodle which is a combination of a Schnauzer and a Poodle. I decided to give big daddy (that's what my boy Jamie calls him) the week off and take his place.
I have had my family for about two years. They have been pretty easy to train and seem to think they are very busy.
They should take a walk in my paws some week.
Lately there have been some significant things going on around my house. Several pesky squirrels continue to torment me when I am inside the house and I know they can hear me squealing and barking when I see them. My family thinks I don't like the squirrels but we are really friends. We put on this elaborate act of playing chase in the back yard for my people. It could be a Cirque de Soleil production.
They always ask me if I have been hunting or if I almost caught the squirrels. What would I do if I caught a squirrel anyway? They couldn't be nearly as tasty as my gourmet dog food or the morsels I get from big daddy's plate.
Training my family was an interesting journey for me. The girls were the easiest and most accepting followed by the two boys but I really had to work to win over big daddy. Each member of the family took me in at different times and in different ways. The girls all talked baby talk to me from the beginning and pretty much still do.
When my family leaves I really worry about them. Sometimes I go upstairs and get on top of a bed where I can see out the window to see when the car comes home. I get so excited when I see the car pull into the driveway I can hardly contain myself. I don't know why they don't just take me everywhere they go because I am so cute I am sure their friends would love me too.
The boys play a little rougher with me and I like to play chase with them around the house. They also like it when I curl up on the couch next to them when they are watching sports or some other really boring show about guns. I humor the boys as long as they give me a backrub.
My favorite stuff on television is the stuff the girls watch, something about housewives in an orange county and little girls at dance studios in Pennsylvania.
One of the best things I have trained my people to do is take me for rides in the car. My favorite place to go is Andy's to get a puppy cone. My next favorite place is to pick up my boy Jamie from school. When I see all his friends coming out of the building I never can tell right away which one is him. I get so excited I just bark at all of the kids and Jamie usually shows up. He is a good boy. Being a teen he doesn't always like for me to be around, but I just love him to pieces.
My girl Rachel turned 18 this week. That is really old. In dog years she would be 126 years-old. It makes my hips hurt just to think about it. Something big must be happening with her because she keeps talking about moving to another city soon but I know she would never leave here because I have her trained so well.
We'll just keep hanging out together and maybe one day she will take me on that dream shopping trip to Neiman Barkus or to the Westminster dog show.
Boss-lady is my favorite member of the family. She is the one who tends to me the most and takes really good care of me. Her tummy rubs put me in heaven.
I would curl up with her anywhere. She even cleans up after me when I have an accident. I don't know why I do that sometimes but my conscience hurts so badly when I do that my shoulders just droop and I go straight to my kennel.
Sometimes the boys confuse me and talk sternly to me to me like I did something wrong and I go to the kennel. It makes them laugh but I really don't know why. Then they come get me and I forget all about what happened and lick their faces and necks.
What were we just talking about?
Back to training my people.
Big daddy and I had a long romance. He made me court him constantly. That guy has the best food on his plate of any member of the family.
If I practice the best of manners he will slip me a little bite every once in a while. How he gets the best stuff at every meal is beyond me but I would rather have something he is eating rather than anyone else.
My plan was simple; I kept nudging closer and closer and dancing at the back door every time he came home. At night when he gets ready for bed I watch him from the couch next to the bed.
When he gets situated he gives me the signal and says "c'mon" and I jump up on the bed next to him. I have a special place right between his ankles at the end of the bed. He calls me his little foot warmer
This was my greatest achievement. Securing a place on the bed was my confirmation as a doggie diva.
Once I checked that box off my list it was time to focus on taking over the rest of the world.
Sometimes if I hear a noise that startles us I will bark or yelp to make him think I am guarding him, but the truth of the matter is he is guarding me.
I have no intention of getting up to see who is at the door, unless it's that hunky Jack Russell from down the street. I must admit this precocious attitude probably comes from my poodle ancestors.
I can't tell you much about my plans to take over the world because I just saw my girl Rachel lay down on the couch and it's time for us to rest.
It's good to be an empress.

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