Ride til we Rot

Ride til we Rot and Party til we Drop

Are we a nation of sheep? Do we have to blindly follow whatever our legislators decide? If you, like me, are fed up with being discriminated against for being a SMOKER, then the time to do something about it is here! Support the campaign to modify the blanket smoking ban and re-introduce smoke rooms in pubs etc. There ARE a lot of us, we CAN make a difference!


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scott leake said:
The Freedom Party..... now thats a great idea, granted that here in the USA we seem to enjoy more rights than people in other countries, but they are being stolen away from us at an alarming rate by misguided beaurocrats who feel they know whats best for everyone..Well i'm sorry to tell them that they don't. I think that all politions worldwide need to keep their collective noses to themselves and let us live the way we want; i'll keep my smokes, my guns, and everything else they think is bad for me but yet i do so enjoy!!!!!!!!!

Nifty said:
I agree wholeheartedly Gary. Australian bike clubs are putting aside their differences to unite politically to fight anti-biker legislation - perhaps we should move in this direction too, and start 'The Freedom Party'!

Gary L Roberts said:
I don't smoke but I do agree that we are slowly losing control of our lives to governments who want to herd all people to congested cities so that if one person is offended by something then all must give up a right. Slowly and without noticing we have lost the freedom to live as we please where we please. The days when a family could live seperate of society, raise their own food and live off the land the Good Lord provided have all gone. Nowhere in our country can you hunt for your food or fish without governments permission to do so. Even if you "own" the land you must pay taxes to own it so do you really or does the gvmt? Eventually health care will only be available in large cities so people will move closer and become easier to manage. I believe motorcycle riders to be critical in the fight to remain independant of national and international laws restricting our freedon to choose for ourselfs. While almost everyone proclaims to love their freedom most put up no resistance when it's taken away in the name of political correcctness or for the greater good. Good for who?
I have to admit I am amazed and impressed that the responses on this subject have been civil and well spoken.. I have read many comments on sites like MSN and Yahoo and they usually, no always it sinks to a name calling confrontational conversation.. Having a clear understanding that NO government should dictate policy to the people for the sake of political correctness has been a common theme here... We are the people who employ politicians and have the right and duty to fire them when they become removed from average citizens and begin to act like they are our PC/ police. I understand a business owners right to ban smoking or anything that they deem inappropriate but have serious issues with a mandatory law that effects business owners who do not agree.. The government does not step in and provide non smoking customers to that business or supplement their loss of income.. Freedom is the ability to choose for yourself and if you choose to run your business as your customers prefer it then you will likely be successful whether it be a smoking or non smoking establishment. That's my opinion.. I hope to hear others..

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