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Ride til we Rot and Party til we Drop

It was scheduled for Monday October 26 at 7 am -I had to be at Mother Francis hospital at 5 am -I was thereafter the initial waiting period w/a group of victims was taken to different small rooms some with only curtains .I was lucky ,I wonder I had a door. Karen and I waited and I changed into a backless gown otherwise butt naked and the barage of hospital employees started in and out -took info another blood another with instructions on and on ...about 10 minutes till 7 Dr Crutchfield cam in ...explained the surgery and made some permanent marks with the Drs. Sharpie to my neck area.Dr Crutchfield did some praying -you may find that strange -It was a relief to me .I was worried about this vertebra replacement as I had a near death experience last time I was operated on. I had to man up and forge on and believe that this pilot of sorts didn't want to crash the plane .I was in surgery 4 hrs or so they cut thru my neck in the front spread apart the cut and separated the windpipe and esophagus and cut thru tissue and chiselled out C-5 vertebrae and put a cadaver bone wedged in between C-4 and C-6 with a plate screwed in to hold it from coming out and also removed some of the bone spurs and gave the spine that had been pinched room for relief.. I was in recovery for 2 hrs -15 minutes before I woke up I started speaking Spanish /Mexican slang and did not let up till I woke up after I did wake up I spoke pretty good Texan too. Within 6 hrs. of getting to my room a private one too I was walking in the halls picking my legs up this I had not been able to do in over 6 mths my hands had been very painful on 3 fingers on each hand . I was released the next morning by my neurosurgeon at 7:30 but it took till 12:30 to get out ...that was a drag..Now 1 week later there are 2 fingers on each hand that are extremely hurting... I hope with the rehabilitating I am doing on my own I will soon recover -I see the Dr tomorrow to get the tape/stitches out of my neck..Have /supposed to wear the big neckbrace for at least 5 weeks-no car driving and absolutely no motorcycle for some time --we will see about that one.It is amazing that such an ordeal only took a short time to put into words at the time all time seemed to have stopped for me.And I found that being in the hospital with my problem was only small compared to others and their medical problems ---The staff and emergency response teams are not giving the credit they deserve ---thank you to them ~~~Reddog

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Glad you got it done and out of the way....Now maybe your quality of life will be much better.

You take good care of yourself.

Glad to hear you're doing fairly well, and I do mean fairly well!! Seems like the pain in the hands should be gone!! My shoulder is killing me with pain!! I'm taking 4mg of Dilaudid every 4 hrs. and 30mg of Morphine Sulfate every 8 hrs. and still no let up of pain!! What kind of physical therapy are they going to have you do? When I had my last surgery on my left shoulder to replace the prothesis, I was going thru physical therapy to egain use of my arm. the physical therapuist waas having me stretch my arm out along the table to get it use to being fully extended when he decided to push on the back of my shoulder while I was stretching my arm out and my rotator cuff tore!! I continued to go to therapy for another 2 months until the pain just got to be too much!! So man, I pray you get over your pain real soon!! Ane as one friend to another, don't go pushing anything, let it come naturally!!
only you would be thinking about pinkie and stinky (pic 2) that quick after surgery.lol
Don't make your next ride your last one...Take your time getting better and enjoy it longer.
props to ya
I should have known that I could never get nothing past you -I probably shouldn't have been thinking that way -- not at all mentioning CandyStripers either...for those of you that don't have any idea of what I am saying ---Gary does...lol
take care bro , really hope and pray that you recover well and soon and no chasing the candy stripers around the wards just yet lol , in my thoughts bro
Can't hide nothing...lol
I was rereading about your operation anmd was wondering how you're doing now!!
I have 2 fingers on each hand giving me trouble-and I can walk fairly well till I get tired or walk a block then I have to rest for a few minutes and go again-otherwise I am top shelf....thanks for asking ...is Ted Phelps Harley shop in Vallejo closed down yet?

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