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I was reading a blog on another site a days back, and the author was riding in mountainous country in Montana, her last comment was that at the bottom of a rather steep decline her ol man pulled over as he had no rear brakes left..they had over heated.

The crutch of this discussion, is a trend that I see alot of these days, people especially women feel its ok to use the back brake more so than the front. For me I can go thru 3 or 4 sets of front pads before i look at replacing a set of back pads..I talk alot with women from different areas and they all seem to say the same thing, when they did their initial rider courses thats what the instructors said to do...Surely that can't be right...Even on unmade roads you would surely do as much braking with your front brake before any turns...let it go and coast around bends...Is it not better to maintain control of the cycle to use more front brake than back...maybe use the back brake to steady the bike and assist the front brakes...Maybe something has come along since, and I am the one who is behind here...I have in the past used the back brake as a steadier in manouvering thru hi speed corners...but i only basically rest my foot on the back brake to counter speed wobble...at the back wheel.  

Any thoughts here would be greatly appreciated...what do they teach in Europe? for instance. 

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hi there mark

i am in some ways i am the wrong person to ask as i am always getting it in the neck about how i brake...in the old days i acquired some extreme bad habits...but in the very early 70's we did not have they brakes we do today...and many front brakes were lethal..i had the old h1 and s1 kawasakis...which had 2 settings on or off.lol...the on was instant..making your nose zoom over your handlebars and thankfully i was not a man, as certain body parts hit the petrol cap (i know of a good few male friends with badly bruised....ego's...that did the same.)

i had my rear disc replaced a few months ago...and it was expensive....so in womans logic i felt that if i did not use it...it would last longer..lol...so i never used it for weeks...and still do not...in a fit of peek...deano borrowed my bike to bed it in (cursing me a lot...)

i use a lot of engine breaking...a bit of front brake...and the rubber on my boots...lol...although dean did tell me about one of the guys here who still had the same brake pads after 6 years on the front...lol...

all said and done ...i prefer engine braking ...which on the intruder 1400 is preferable...we live in an area of 1 in 5 and 1 in 7 hills...if we were to use our brakes we would rip through them so often it would be crazy.

engine braking...front brake and then a bit of back brake...is what we do...lol

is that any help...

love manda x..

Manda and Deano, I don't know the lady who posted, I'm still in the process of communication with her..but i still feel her ol man needs another course to sharpen his skills..since she willingly jumps on the back. Manda back in the 70's when i learnt to ride I had drum brakes front n rear...once wet it was better to lay the thing down to stop quick..or just stand on the pegs and jump!...but I'm not talking about yesteryear here...this is now....and thats what I am trying to impart..on maybe some newer riders...ask questions of others if you are unsure...a rear brake lock up is deadly...and we all know it! 

When I ride my 1960's Bobber I find the front brake can be lethal... Chucking me over the bars if I'm not careful but when I ride my more up to date Suzuki It's front brake low gear every time unless through a tight corner... I recently took an advanced rider course where I was told always use both back and front unless in a corner when you should only use back...

I guess It's all down to who tort you to ride......  

My dad tort me Many years ago and I feel comfortable with it....                                                                                                  

yeah seems to be the way of it...My advanced rider course taught something entirely different..mainly that the backs are for show and they are needed by law...but they assist with anti sway in hi speed cornering...but i spose, that not everyone does the course I did...you can't pay to do it...and the hi speed police course doesn't exist anymore. Well not in NSW.

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