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Tina aka 'Speedy'   a U.S.A. member shared a story with me and I thought it worthwhile to share it as most will understand and can relate to it on some level.It did bring back memories of sorts to me that I will always remember -share your comments of a mishap if you can ,ok here it is as follows:


OK.. I will fess up on my most humbling "bike drop."  Although I usually ride with my mom, the legendary "Lady Hog" on this crisp and cool fall day - last Oct., I was riding solo to Texas City to meet up with a new friend.  We were going on a date of sorts and so I met him at the infamous "Murphy's On Main."  When I pulled up there were only a couple of other bikes in the parking lot and virtually no one sitting outside, so I parked my bad-ass bike up at the front of the parking lot next to one of the picnic tables...  Well, the day did not go exactly as I had imagined, as we sat on our butts drinkin' beer, for more than 3 hours - on one of the most beautiful days of the year (hint we should have been riding..). We were waiting for his friends to show-up and go to dinner with us. Friends finally showed, but then petered out and didnt want to ride anyway...


So, my little cold natured bike, (named BADD KITTY) sat there waiting on me for hours, and needless to say - she was no longer warm when I got on and started her up. My bike is a 2000 Custom Sportster with a 1200 engine...so I am accustomed to messing with the choke and always let her idle for at least 5-10 minutes, depending upon just how cold it is outside and how long she's been sitting since our last adventure...  Well by now, its the latter part of the afternoon and Murphy's is packed with all the picnic tables and parking lots full.  We say our goodbyes and go to head out.  I felt it would be extremely rude to have my bike - choked and loudly idling right next to a bench where several people were seated and talking....so I rushed BAD KITTY, allowing her to idle for only a couple of minutes...1st BIG MISTAKE!!!


Cars were blocking the exits, so I had to carefully squeeze between cars to get to the road.  When I reached the road, my friend was to my right waiting on me.  I always take a bit longer in preparing to ride, because unlike most of my friends, I always wear a full-face helmet, gloves and a jacket. (ok the jacket is sometimes optional, when its 450 degrees outside - for example).  My friend looks over to see if I am ready to ride and I give him the Nod,- "yes I am ready to ride" or so I thought(2nd mistake)....  Friend watches as I begin to pull-out heading right, toward his position.  Seeing this, my friend also slowly pulls out of the parking lot. 


Well this is the part where I feel compelled to mention that I have had it drilled into my head, by my mom and all of the other hard-core bikers we ride with...When the bike starts to move- feet up immediately and NEVER, EVER, Under ANY Circumstances drag your feet!!!  SO..As I slowly began to move I leaned a bit turning into the direction I intended (3rd mistake) and that's when BAD KITTY did the unthinkable...she coughed..a long, drawn-out cough and sputter..AS I WAS IN THE TURN!!! If you have riden a scooter for more than a week, you know what happpened.. I went down!!  I felt it coming and tried in vain to put my foot down, but I didn't have the leverage, or strength necessary to save us both from the impending embarassement and shame:(  Do you know how hard it is to look really "cool" when you are under your bike?  I'd have to say that is downright impossible..  I could have died!!! The 30 or so people sitting outside seemed to morph into a crowd of a thousand, as I stood by mortified - watching motionless, as some strong, manly-man righted my scooter for me. Yes I did try, but I have no highways bars so its impossible for me to get it up, by myself. Now I have to admit the whole Murphy's crowd was very understanding and said - "hey it happens to everyone" and "your not a real biker if you haven't had something similiar happen to you at some point."  This made me feel a teenie-tiny-bit better...but all I kept thinkin' was...nobody saw what happened because the cars were blocking their view, so they probably "believe" the bitch can't RIDE!!! As a side note, Kitty was not injured other than breaking the end of my front brake lever. My kureokin foot pegs saved my baby from getting any scratches


That little spill shook my confidence for a couple of weeks, and I really felt like BADD KITTY let me down....  Then I realized that I just needed to suck it up and let my poor little bike get really warmed up before I take off.  The very next weekend my Uncle Von Zipper came to town, so of course I had to share my disasterous date and drop-the-bike- story.  Von Zipper is actually the person who bought BADD KITTY to sell to me, so he knew her history. When he brought the bike to me in July 2009, he said, " Always let this bike warm up really good before you take off or she will embarass you." Well he was certainly right about that....and his words still rang in my ears.  After sharing my most demoralizing biker experience with him, he shared a few more words of wisdom, that he had gotten from Kitty's last owner.  This guy told Von Zipper, "just when you think you know how to ride this bike, she will show you that you DON'T! 

I could'a used those words of wisdam, a bit earlier...is what I was thinkin'.....


I hope that you have at least gotten a good giggle from my tale.  I apologize for having taken so long to send in my application. I knew that it would take some time to include the details about my disasterous adventure at Murphy's.... However, I feel it is important to share my somewhat limted wisdom!!


You are welcome to share my story with other Ride Till We Rot enthusiasts.  I feel extremely honored to be a part of such a unique and worth-while group of brothers and sisters.


Thank You for believing me worthy of such a great honor!!


Till We Meet Again. 



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Tina, we all laugh with ya on this one... :), Thank God you weren't injured but as you heard that day we all have done this and some of us "like me" have done it a few times.. Don't let it discourage you, let it make you more aware.. Sportsters have a high center of gravity and don't handle as well at slow speeds as some other bikes so I suggest if you have not already buy a lowering kit and drop the seat height 1 or 2 inches. This will make it less top heavy when you are on it and much easier to handle at slow speeds.. They are available in ebay for less than $50. and are easy to install.. Keep up the riding and I will see you and your mom on the trail soon.. gary


          I had something similar happen with me!! I had a '36 Knuckehead with a suicide shift!! I was trying to keep it reved up while going around a gas statuon and had the clutch in and not enough speed to keep it upright!! As a result, I went down and the seat bracket landed on the inside of my knee against the pavement!! My knee survived alright, but ended up on crutches for awhile and busted 2 floating ribs in my back!! Every time I coughed, it felt like someone shoving a shiv in my back and twisting it!! I am really glad to hear you faired alright except for your ego!!


it happens,i hammered down a duel carrage way to the island ,turned left into pub where my club wornsprockets were, shot across carpark, skided to halt dead flash,and for no real reason with a crowd watching droped my kawasali z 750.i just lost my footing and over we went..was at rock an blues looking for place to put up tent, rode up and down field saw spot aplied brakes locked front wheel and fell off ,my passanger ended up on floor with laughter,so i picked my bike up and was just about to put side stand down when i heard hello ghost and it turned out a large group of my friends were there but had been looking the other way when i fell off.it happens to use all.

similiar thing happened to a good mate of mine, only she went riding. The guys thought she was a kook. Coming down in Macca's carpark.  By the end of the day though her credibility was back to 100 %. She's Wayne Gardner"s PA...and can ride like he does.

cold running buggers those sportster are, darling this happens more than ya know, however the longer you rider you'll get to know the heart of the beast that you'll be able to tell if the bike's going to burb, backfire, stall or buck. have a great day!  "T"

What a great story but it's true, we all take a tumble now and then..... I know I've had my share.... 

As long as it's only pride that gets hurt there's no real harm done and you and Badd Kitty where both ok......

When I was younger I dropped my bike out side the Ace Cafe London and about 400 bikers cheered.... I felt myself go red and hot and I kept my lid and sun glasses on for the rest of the day, but I can see the funny side now...... Just.... 

I really enjoyed reading your story.

We all go through stuff like this and it is part of learning to ride.

Well done for sharing.

When I first brought my 1200 sporty, I tried to park on the sidewalk, I got stuck, with front type on sidewalk and back type on road.....bike started going over and I jumped off. Only broke one light and lucky there was a group of guys to help pick my bike up. It was a lesson for me with parking my bike.



Ive always thought of my bikes as a good friend who will slap you down, if you try to take them for granted or in someway question there reliability, seems i was right bad kitty livin up to her name lol, thanks for sharing speedy, p.s had similiar haha

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