Ride til we Rot

Ride til we Rot and Party til we Drop

big thanks to the members who have donated so far

Nicola Jane Smith
Michael Cohen
Vincent Nastri
Rachael Connell
Geoff president Aus
Neil Garner
Tracey McInerney

please try and help as little as £1 helps, and this year the founders are really struggling as we have put all our own money into merchandise set ups and venues.


thank you

manda and trikeskull

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Hi mand, member an put in that £20 that i left you when i was at yours as my first donation !!


Sid x

I feel the same way as Geoff -We all are getting the benefit of the site for free  and Manda you let me know that info I requested   ...Hey America they take Paypal as well as all major credit cards --Just click the Donate button ...up there on the right ~ any donation will help  ~I ain't just blowing Smoke.

Hey Mand,i pay ma bike off nxt month so i'll send you down a cheque  for £10 for funds :-)


Sid x

So hows the fundraising going and whats your total so far??

slow but sure. it is just over £110 at the moment but we have not heard yet from ning site to say how much it will be this year, fingers crossed it will not be too much more than last,

we have a generous limit on web space (or so we thought) but looking at the statistics, and the moans we got when we lost the music (as we could only afford the lower package) we had hoped to go to the next package that meant we had a vast amount more plus the music.

every so often trike takes off some of the old videos that clutter the band width..so we can keep everyones photos..(around 6,000 and growing daily)

the membership on here grows each day, so keeping track is a job to do several times a day and all the admin from uk, australia, and usa keep an eagle eye on it for spammers etc...but we cannot be everywhere at once so some slip through.

no matter what program you use for them the buggers are cleverer than it and find ways round it. i could strangle the sods,

when i hear anything from the ning team i will let everyone know.

thanks to all for the donations.

manda x

Hi Manda

I hope to be a regular donater on line. Dont forget to bring the pot to the White Lion tomorrow and we can wave it under everyones pockets!


Hi Manda is it possible for me to set up a direct debit/standing order so i can make my donation on a monthly basis? i feel i should contribute a bit more as you and the other chaps do a fantastic job of running this . Do you have any posters or is there anyway i can print one off ? (same as badge))

Thanks for your help the other day much appreciated


Hi Manda ... Thanks for your thanks... Nicola Jane Smith is my wife and its good to Know that we can do our bit to help keep this fantastic club alive... Made some great mates since joining and have enjoyed chatting  on line with them... 


Thanks again... Speak soon.... Alan ( Spider ) Smith x.

I sent money a couple of weeks ago....


will send you something from us here in N.Z..Keep up the good work..

I'll gladly do what I can but living on incapacity benefit doesn't give me a lot to play with. Let me know what I can do to help.

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