Ride til we Rot

Ride til we Rot and Party til we Drop

Dont you just love the start of summer. Even when wet !

Spent whole weekend putting up xmas tree/decorations and the pool. It was overcast and raining pretty well all the time. BUT HOT AS!


I just dont miss living in the UK at all lol Being able to ride 365 days a year is something else. Tho miss family a lot particularly Mum.Dad and Sis.  

Got a call from Mikey and Terry earlier to ask if fancied a short ride to Pie in the Sky on old pacific. Decided against it and spent time with my lovely lady and youngest son, real quality time!.

Case of beer was also  good  :-)

 Does life really get any better? I now can devote rest of December  (bar xmas day) to playing with my project Thunderbird (Which will be running by xmas I PROMISE) and doing social rides, which I seem to be fullly booked up for. Plus all my children here on xmas day!

What a hard life in Oz!!!

How is the white stuff in UK BTW :-)


p.s Read Martins Post re Burglary. No way to reply. Sorry mate some real lowlifes out there, and I mean out there not just UK














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Sounds like you're getting a bit soft, the rain is there to wash your bike, so you don't have to take it in the shower each month for your monthly ritual... ha ha ha.

Terry and I had a lovely ride, not a drop of rain after I met up with him. It was a good fast ride, nice lunch at the Belmont Sailing Club. Life is always fun when you're on a bike, rain, hail or shine.

Hopefully we can get you for our next ride, soon.



Sounds like you're getting a bit soft



 They think Im hard :-)

Pleased yr ride was good. But those beers were wet enough for me :-)


Now Sturgis you dont want me to start talking about the many recipes that Kiwi's have to eat lamb do you :-)

jokes aside, Pleasure knowing you as well mate

"playing with my project Thunderbird (Which will be running by xmas I PROMISE)"


never got it done :-) But gonna arrange a small group round here ( Not an invitation BTW as it's compulsory to attend :-).  of yrself HD, Trumpy and Mikey to get it finished. I will supply food drink and music :-)










Tis the English weather that makes life interesting when you're out riding. My wife n I ride all year round - there's nothing better than getting out in the cold freezing weather at Christmas n New Year time - we missed it this year as both my rides were out of action. But, now The Beast is up and running again, we'll be out n about on him as much as possible - well if our new blessed government leave us with enough money to do it..... :D

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