Ride til we Rot

Ride til we Rot and Party til we Drop

I don't remember his exact words but it was something along the lines that a member should attend a few meetings in order to really understand what the Society is all about. I agree fully with his sentiments. The only difficulty is that in the RSA the members are spread far and wide. Other than my buddy Vence Venter who also lives in Gonubie, the closest member is Des Fontein who lives in Port Elizabeth roughly 300 Kays away. I've been going through the RSA members and trying to befriend as many as I can (if they'll have me as a friend) and see if we can't arrange jol sometime. Des JP Fontein ???

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Well I think you earned it, and good to have you as a Friend and Brother of RtWR Mike.....

Thank you Adam for taking the time out to reply. I'll make inquiries on my side get a patch

Hi Sturgis, as long as it's not a tunnel spider. It closes the trap door to keep everything in or out. Cheers and keep the rubber down.

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