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I got a letter in the mail yesterday informing me i am to produce my bike for an emission control inspection...the screwed up aprt is that my bike or myself weren't evert stopped for having loud pipes. The episode i had with rth cops was 2 weeks ago for a breath and licence test...but them sneeky buggers tricked me...and sent the requerst to the epa who sent out the notice...integrity they advertise to the public...the Police don't know the meaning of the word...if had money to waste I'd sue em for false advertising!

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yesterday Monday the 4th of June, I presented the bike to the local inspector for the EPA...I had a bit of trouble re shaping the stock hedders, but after a while and a few wedging tools I got it all together. 88 db..is the official recording...they had given me 94db..so i passed with flying colours. problem: I picture of the bike has been taken, and forwarded to the epa. So until V & H come out with a baffle that can quieten big radius pipes without losing performance, they will remain in the shed, with all the other parts i have. The day V &H  do they will be back on... even the guy who did the test told me that. The cops know that Vance and Hines are noisy..they see em you get to go visit the inspector..Problem is though my bike looks like a harley davidson...cause it is. But sounds like a BMW...and i couldn't have that. While tinkering around in the shed i found some old slashies..alot worse for wear...I give em a rub with my genie cloth...and  bingo they shined up real nice...a touch up on the inner slash with some grey primer paint..and bolted em back on...a deep throaty noise came out the end when i fired it...and even getting some windage...an hour later i didn't draw any unwanted attention....from you know whom. Stock headers..slashies...that kinda look overall like stock....well we 'll see.....of course you know I'll keep everyone posted, whether you want to be informed or not!

For any NSW riders who suffer this fate, be advised that the EPA, send you a thankyou letter for bringing your bike in for the inspection. BIG DEAL. This will not stop the cops from seeing you anywhere, thinking yeah its a HD so it has to be loud and sending you another formto go get another emission test. You could be parked on the street with your bike unattended and still receive this form letter. I know or one rider this happened too already. So be aware folks of NSW. This is just the tip of the iceberg. So much for the hype that the Police portray.


Also even if you have had your bike tested the Police can still request the EPA issue you with ongoing testing requests.

Their only excuse is that you MAY have modified since the last test.

Would have to be a prick or have a personal issue with you, but nothing to stop them.

I am running Supertrapp 2 into 1 and am constantly worried about being pinged. Not overly load but definately not at 88Db.

Also I am running a 103 in my bike now and approved by Blueslip with RTA. Not sure if I now have to meet the requirements for my old bike/engine combo, the new one or even as a custom. The rules are not very clear.

I have a NATA calibrated Sound Level meter and ran my own tests on the 88 with a set of S&S Slashcuts and was getting 98 Db.

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