Ride til we Rot

Ride til we Rot and Party til we Drop

I don't know what you guys think, but some times these forum sites are getting forgotten because face book is used a few times each day.

for club members wouldn't it be good to chat more on here and keep it alive as there doesn't seem to be that much activity on here. I know there are folk talking to each other on face book so why not on here. just a thought - smuggler

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I am on here daily and always leave  Birthday wishes and check to welcome New Members and you are right  I am mostly here alone ....I have a job so I am limited  to the time I can spend on here ...It would be nice to see more  interaction  ...I have noticed what y'all have too~Reddog

we might get on at the same time of day sometime, - still working may way around on here, not the best with the interweb so it takes me  bit to find things on sites = bit thick I know.

catch you later smuggler

Although I lurk on Facebook, I prefer forums.  Is it worth promoting it on Facebook (as odd as that sounds) because I only found the forum by accident, having found the Facebook page first.

yes and welcome new members here and Wish  somebody a happy birthday damn near every day   ...I do

Hi guys. I've just joined so I am just a newbie but I agree that using the Rotters site keeps it active and everything is in context. I am in Hampshire, England ( not New England). Happy to talk to any other Rotters in the area.

It happens to a lot of sites, I ran a motorcycle site for a brand of bike and over the years the activity slowly dropped out until it was just the remaining die heart members remaining. I don't think there's really a lot you can do as Facebook is convenient for people as it brings everything together in one place for them. 

Howdo all. Also on here now and must agree we do need to keep this site alive and going
I'm new here as well but I agree with you.

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