Ride til we Rot

Ride til we Rot and Party til we Drop

hiya all just letting you all know came off the bike on fri the 13 on the way up north wales the roads were greasy cos of all the rain and there was derv on the road , lost it going into a left hander , ended up in hospital , ive broken bone in my wrist and in my shoulder, very wierd on there the tendons have ripped part of the bone off never hears of that before but me and the bike will live to carry on riding lol bikes got damage to front mudguard, petrol tank, indicators and rear break lleaver, ... thnk you danny for your suport this week you have kept me smiling while i been down thank you . so another 5 1/2 weeks of rest yea like thats going to happen lol had to ride 160 miles to get home lol so not stoping riding lol

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Eifion If there is anything an do or email you -you let me know ~~~Danny
Well one thing for sure -Friday the 13th will always have a special meaning to you that you will never forget---True?
well ive done the ride again since then lol and yep it hurt lol but was worth it and yea it will always remain in my mind . rofl
havent stopped riding lol , feeling a lot better now still bit of pain but its getting there , as for reparing bike thanks to clair its not costing too much lol , my riding pretty much back to normal lol

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