Ride til we Rot

Ride til we Rot and Party til we Drop

Hi Everybody , its been a while since I was last on the site and posted anything, in fact the last post was around 2013. 

A lot has happened since then,  I took a break away from the main stream bikers, when wandering by myself over those years, got married in 2015, gained 15kgs, watched my kids grow up and them finally established in jods, My son finally got his dream bike a C50.

In my search for answers what did I find?  I found peace in myself, I found I could love again and not stress over life, I found the joy of just riding, everyday I thank the Lord for two wheels and an open road, for those that surround me in love daily. 

I am at peace riding 25 km per hour to 160 km per hour most life has been good , do I miss the rallies or day jols the answer is nope, do I miss the piss ups , not really in fact the most I drink now is half a beer. 

 This week I have been working on my bike, new brake discs and pads, new screen and front faring, cant wait to get it back on the road, in the mean while I take joy in riding a little scooter to work and back , its a different ride and makes you humble on the road when cagers roar past you  a complete different riding skill, that hones your skills in defensive riding. 

To all the brothers and sisters out there , ride safe, may your road always be straight and may you be surrounded by Angels protecting you. 


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