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Will keep in contact with sturgis regarding N.Z! Good to see a updated guideline for everyone to abide by..Keep up the good work..

thank you both... been a few months struggle ...looks so simple on paper ... but had to take a crash course on geography...lol...but i am sure it will work out and give people more time to actually plan and enjoy what they do...xx to you both manda

Thanks to everyone  I want to shout a special thanks to  Sturgis  having the  foresight to bring this change ,he  shows great leadership in this...This is something that he saw long ago and we  realize that he is correct ....This will make transitions better for each of us.Some countries may have to deviate the structure somewhat ,but the basic structure and guidelines are now in place . It has been established  that the only thing constant is change .  I know it will take  many years to accomplish  what some countries have done  very quickly .... I thank them for their commitment... Oh and Manda  You are the Guiding light . This is the best Rotten Lot I have ever been a part of....

lol...danny ... we are entering a whole new era... i am daily amazed at all within ride til we rot...i am so uplifted to see so many doing so much, there are good people everywhere and in all countries. xx

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