Ride til we Rot

Ride til we Rot and Party til we Drop

Just a quick note to let everyone know.

As the society has grown we have had to re-structure across the larger countries worldwide.

We have 2 founders (myself and Trikeskull) and several founding presidents of their countries. Reddog USA, Geoff Australia , Adam New Zealand, Jarda Czech Republic , Sean South Africa.

This will be added to in a short while. We will in future years plan together the way forward for the society worldwide.

We will see a new president appointed in Australia on the 7th july, this has been done to allow Geoff to do his work with founders worldwide.

In the uk Trikeskull will be moving into his founder ship, this is due to ill health and feeling a more active V.P should be appointed. In order for him to do this Kevski-2-dogs will be his representative as he is young and mobile.. and keen.

Deano will be moved from National Spokesman to Vice president as he has been doing a lot of this role already and he will be able to take some strain off me, and I thank him for agreeing to this.

Luckily I have Terri which enables me to do all I do... and I thank her so much for this.

We have always run a 24 hour help line, this will now be split up between me Terri and Deano, this will help me no end as I have all the time zones across the world to accommodate.

We all communicate via phone, skype, conference calls, emails and web sites. Anyone wishing details can let me know. I know most of you have these already.

We are also hoping to create posts of ‘chairmen’ in Scotland, Ireland and Wales. This will help us no end, and I ask for anyone in those countries who wish to apply to understand that they must be able to speak the native tongue of their own country as well as English.

All the best Manda x

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Yeah sorry to hear Trikeskull is in ill health and hope hes keeping positive and best wishes from us here in N.Z. Yes the society has grown at a startling rate and thats due to all the work and foresight that everyone has made and seen and long may it florish into a major worldwide society..Deano you have all the support and encouragement from your Kiwi Brothers and Sisters and i know you will carry on the good work thats been done RtWR, PTWD,

this was posted by trikeskull on the facebook site last night. just before he went to bed. he is still going out and about when possible and will be a constant in RTWR... foundership is not an easy job...lol

Tony Green Rtwr Sorry to come on a bit late, but too put a few ideas to bed. When I informed Manda about my health I had thought about a few candidates to replace me, Deano and a couple of others. I've agreed whole hearted with Manda that the most suitable is Deano, he's been there alongside me and Manda since the bad slagging days of COBB, and the original days of Ride'til We Rot. All the way through, he's been to every meeting Manda has had with Clubs. The idea of selecting a person to fill new posts has been agreed on by the founders, to keep the idea and direction of the club in the same that most of you joined for. Too many times I've seen so called democratic votes rigged by people getting mates to vote them in so they can change the club to their ideas, this has stopped that. We like to think we've done this in the Societies best intrest

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