Ride til we Rot

Ride til we Rot and Party til we Drop

Ah well here is a laugh for all bikers


Its our National toy / santa run this weekend and over all these years, the publicity, the charities etc , never once an incident  also fun  and joy, this was posted last night to advise bikers who are meeting at different venues throughout the country of the following change and reason:


The Santa run for Sunday, the meeting place for the South has been changed for the following reason. The center management have said that patrons of the likes of Pick and Pay and other shops are intimidated by the bikers and it will not be allowed to use thier parking lot for two hrs before leaving for run. Bikers are scary, intimidating hooligans.


Our venue in the North , the shops open up 2 hrs early  so they can provide us coffee, food and welcom us , in fact thier are lots of pic's kids posing etc. The money they make with the purchases of food, drinks and last minute toy shopping is unreal.


Now guys , please stop being intimidating in your leather, rough unshaven faces etc, people are scared of us , If your SA I suggest boycott the South Shopping Mall in future , dont we in fact park our bikes and purchase in thier shops daily , whats different about Sunday?

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Just another example of people trying to spoil a good cause for charity and stereo typing motorcycle riders as Hooligans. If half of these people actually got on a bike they just might realise how much fun it is....Good to see the North supporting you and welcoming also..Speed safely S.A Brothers and Sisters...

 we get it sometimes across in the u.k . do like sturgis said and go and buy something simple,but get a load of you to do it,works for me brother

Bunch of sniveling little buttmonkeys we do a kind honest charitable event they say were being intimidating well if the think a few sacks of toys is scary imagine how they wet there pants if every one turned up with bats n blades whats it come to when stupid fear beats xmas cheer

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