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It would give me great pleasure in wearing one of your patches please can u informe in how to get one 

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to wear our patch you need to officialy join the rtwr club there  is advice on how to join on the site or you can ask a rep or national vp or president to send you an application form at first you can only have a front patch then after 3 months i think it is excuse me if its changed then you can ask to become a full patch member and from looking at your page manda our president told you this way back on the 3rd of july 2010 as you can see ive pasted her previous comment below

Hi Adam. The first thing you need to do is to fill in a membership form. Sometimes when people join this site they think it automatically means they are a member. Not so. This is a social site where anyone can sign up to talk to members who are on it.
Most of our members are not on here as many do not have computers or cannot work them or what-ever reason.
Although the society does have a back patch it is only supplied to an individual who fits a certain criteria and all carry their own number. We do how ever have several other sizes of patches.
Small and side patch.
We have several hundred members in the uk, only 52 carry a back patch. The patch is not only a mark of respect to those individuals who have recovered from in many cases horrendous injuries to ride again, (in some cases against all odds)...but it is also there so it is easy to pick out someone who may from time to time need help...especially from other bikers and motorcyclists on the road. Therefore they are not handed out willy nilly.
If you send me an email to biker1uk@live.com I will send you all the paper work and criteria stuff.
On the second point..we have several members in the Plymouth area but not sure if they attend the biker nights there.
All the best

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