Ride til we Rot

Ride til we Rot and Party til we Drop

Howdy folks
Lots of you lovely people love rallies well here's one that's diffrent.
We all know about The Royal British Legion raising money for the POPPY appeal but some may not know they raise money all year round in diffrent ways.
For us BIKER they organise the NAR ( non attendance rally ), it will even suit those that don't like camping. Although you don't get patch you will get a rally pin.

Just follow this link : http://www.rblr.co.uk/word%20docs/NAR.pdf
Every thing will be explained
I think this is a great idea
yours pip ( hard life )
P.s please let me know if this works as I don't do this much still learning
p.p.s Well folks looks like I didnot get it right and can't make it a link so you'll have to manually put in the address. Ta Fifi
Hey Fifi I finally got it don't know how but it works thanks luv

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