Ride til we Rot

Ride til we Rot and Party til we Drop

Ah well

What can I say, its been a busy month  with the Toy Run, Memorial Run, Poision Rally (That I missed) and a weekend at Haarties with new friends and families. so lets start.


An amazing toy run it started on the Friday leaving work early to go a raid a teddy bear shop that sells them per kg, so we ended up with over 50 teddy bear and toys all getting packed into saddle bags, top boxes and jackets, then it was off home to decorate the bike and attach onto bike,  The Sunday morning rode up to the meeting place to meet and greet and then onto highway to fin a place to take videos and pic,s , the mass ride took over 30 minutes to pass with an estimated 7000 bikers , what a feeling of goosebumps hearing that many bikes at one time riding past.  (Pics to be uploaded).  Finally got to venue and thanks to the guys in blue that closed the highway for us.


As usual, food was great, beer for flowing, and so were everybodies spirits, fun times in the sun with old friends and meeting new ones.

The Monday afterwards seen us at a funeral of an old friend who wiped out, thereafter a quick sprint over to Upperdeck at Haarties to socialise, and pay the last respects to a fallen brother and his family.

Then it was a eventful week at work, then another weekend at Haarties, let me tell you about some of the amazing people ( Cock and Bull Pub) Lawrence , Liesel, Andrew. (Owner, Wife and Manager) they gave us a weekend accommodation in the chalets, its a bikers pub for the weekend breakfast runs etc with locals always keeping the bar up and spirits high, food great, company great, but these amazing people did something really different, because of Tiana (Altas daughter who is on life support, the arranged with the local community to sponser and spoil her  by the following:

A visit to the Monkey Sanctury, then a local farmer and business man Eugene who collected us and took us to see his game on his lodge, thereafter a visit up the cableway for breakfast (Ian, Kevin, and staff) who spoiled us with pizza, drinks etc) and after that a total interactive visit to the Elephant Sanctury so she could touch feel and feed the elephants.

Haarties is a place that all bikers hangout on weekends, the people and community support one another and welcome us with open arms, if every in SA its a place to visit , and dont miss out on the beer and food, accommodation and friendship at the Cock and Bull.

After a busy long weekend, it was back home to relax before Monday work.  All in all a good month, I reflect back on the family, friends over this year and I say Thank you Lord for blessing us I do not know or have the words to describe the biker clubs, community the friendships, always open to have a social, a good chat, and the support that is always there for you.


Keep on riding guys chat soon




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