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Laura Benson July 25 at 11:57pm
Here's the whole deal...ANY ideas are appreciated! 

Houston VA Loses File of Veteran Waiting over One Year for Benefits
Dickinson, TX: Laura Wurzburger served her country by enlisting in the US Navy in 1982. Later that year, a naval doctor diagnosed her with cancer of the Thyroid, and her enlistment was cut short. She was given a medical discharge under honorable conditions as she fought for her life. Some 30 years later, she finds herself in need of the benefits promised her by her country. On May 27, 2010, Wurzburger filed an application with the Houston VA office at the Texas Medical Center. In July and September she received written notices that her application was being processed. Finally in November after six months, the VA requested additional medical information, and Wurzburger turned in everything asked for that same month. By early March 2011, having not had a reply, Wurzburger called the Texas Veterans Commission in Houston for help. She was advised to find out if all the medical files had been sent, the job the VA was supposed to be doing. Within one week she went into the Texas Veterans Commission in Houston and filled a power of attorney so they could help her with the VA. Over the next three days she filled out and filed additional paperwork. It took until mid May, over 60 days, for the VA to provide the Texas Veterans Commission access to Wurzburger case files. Her case was handled by Mr. Rex A. Lloyd, Regional Office Supervisor with the Texas Veterans Commission in Houston. By now it was over a year since Wurzburger had requested the benefits she was entitled to. Today, Lloyd advised Wurzburger that her file has been lost, and that she should contact her congressman, US Representative Ron Paul, which she has done. With medical bills and housing challenges mounting, Wurzburger waits in limbo for the Houston VA to find her records.
By: Warren Wurzburger
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Laura Benson WOW! Wish I could say I was surprised...
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Warren Wurzburger If you know any MEDIA or Congressmen, PLEASAE let them know!
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Laura Benson I am in media (motorcycle mag) Please send me as much info as possible~ about financial needs also~
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Warren Wurzburger Thanks Laura....The "note" is the press release, but I would be happy to write a detailed account with dates, etc. We also have supporting documentation. Message me...
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Warren Wurzburger KTRH News Radio 740 has assigned a reporter to the story!
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Laura Benson EXCELLENT!
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Laura Benson The thing is...while they sort this crap out ~ This woman , who served her country is weeks away from being homeless (they are currently house sitting), does not have a car, their only transportation is a motorcycle.They hope to be getting an apartment in October, but have NOTHING to live with. No furniture, no dishes, pots&pans, all that kind of stuff. Their only current costs are the utilities- about $250 monthly. Texas food stamps decided to cut her husband's food stamps because of his SSD, down to $ 16 monthly., NOT receiving the care she needs.... It's up to the community to DO something. I'll get the word out as best as I can. I would LOVE to hear any suggestions.....
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I contacted her...This is our conversation:

Laura Wurzburger July 25 at 12:38pm Report
I'm the veteran who the VA lost the claim file.

Laura Benson July 25 at 12:39pm
Hi There Dear and thank you for serving your country. What are your imediate needs?

Laura Wurzburger July 25 at 12:44pm Report
Basically we are starting over from scratch.I don't have a car, our only transportation is a motorcycle. We hope to be getting an apartment in October, and I have NOTHING to live with. No furniture, no dishes, pots&pans, all that kind of stuff. We are housesitting for some friends right now, our only costs are the utilities- about $250 monthly. Texas food stamps decided to cut Warren's food stamps because of his SSD, down to $ 16 monthly. It's overwhelming to me to think about all this.

Laura Benson July 25 at 12:49pm
Dear God Hun, you have my sympathies. I will need documentation of any kind that you can provide but, I would like to present your situation to some organizations that do benefits. They do have to be very careful about fraud though~ I hope there's no offense taken.

Laura Wurzburger July 25 at 10:01pm Report
I saw that you posted this on your page. We are not asking for help- just want the VA to do what they are supposed to. Warren and I have always supported ourselves, and our kids...I don;t want people to think we are begging. Right now we are dong the best we can with what we have to work with. Thanks for helping spread the word, the more pressure the VA gets, hopefully the faster they will move.

Laura Benson July 25 at 10:10pm
Hun...I hope I haven't embarrassed y'all...but I really don't think they are going to move FAST enough to keep y'alls heads above water! No-one is going to see this as begging. Y'all need help BEFORE you get so down you can't get up. Let your neighbors and friends help as they can, and have the peace of knowing that they can do what's right , even if the the government gears are moving too slow.

Laura Benson July 25 at 10:17pm
I won't post anything further about your needs other that your husband's article, if you'd rather I didn't....but I really think you should let folk's help if they can....please. People need to do what's right and what they can for each other. I wait to hear from y'all before taking this any further.

Laura Wurzburger July 25 at 10:21pm Report
The whole situation is embarrasing. I can't believe we have gotten this low. If I could work, I would. I'm just not able to, right now. We are in the Harris county medical system, so we are being seen my MD's.Trying to save up, but it's very hard-. If you will ask people to ask their congressmen to apply pressure to both the VA and Social Security people- and if they are inclined to do any more, that would be a blessing. Thank you so much for your help. Laura

Laura Benson July 25 at 10:24pm
It's a hard and humbling thing I know....But it's right...I'm so glad! There but by the grace of God go ANY of us these days! I just hope we can help. And if you take help now....you can pass it on later.

Laura Wurzburger July 25 at 10:37pm Report
The funny thing is...Warren and I have had people live with us when they had no place to go. That was before we ran a homeless shelter in Hillsboro OR for a while. I don't know how they expect people to live, you know. If people do want to do something, you know how to set that up? I don;t have the faintest idea.

Laura Benson July 25 at 10:39pm
I don't know all that's involved BUT I know people that do! And I'm putting the word out! We're all in this together :)

Laura Wurzburger July 25 at 10:45pm Report
The Lord has always taken care of us, and i believe that He will continue to do so.I will pray for and give thanks for you, and He will answer my prayers- He always does. God bless you and keep you.

Laura Benson July 25 at 10:49pm
Thank you, I'm praying for y'all as well. I will start contacting some of my friends with experience in this sort of thing in the morning. Good things will come of this...keep the faith.

Laura Wurzburger July 25 at 10:56pm Report
Good night and God bless. Please contact us if you have questions, or need more information. The people that we gave names for in the release know that we used their names, so if you want to contact them please feel free to do so. Laura

Laura Benson July 25 at 10:59pm
Good night, you know this could get a tad confusing with us having the same name, lol.
Laura B. ;)

So that's the situation these good people find themselves in. I have no notion where to start but, I'm willing to give it a shot....Anybody able to point me in a direction?
Laura Benson

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Its sad thats for sure - but living in South Africa as I do,the kind of service she has received is considered more than efficient.So I cant really offer advice.Good luck

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