Ride til we Rot

Ride til we Rot and Party til we Drop

Good Morning Everybody


Well its nearly the end of the year,  Last week I attened a Memorial run with just over 700 bikers, thereafter the Poppy run, now its that time of the year where we start gearing gearing for the National Toy run  next weekend on the 25th and thereafter the Poison Rally.

Its nice to catch up with old friends, meet and great some new ones, the riding conditions in SA is great , its summer and its hot. The cops are out in full force with road blocks, high speed chase units etc , even they are gearing up for the fesitive season.

I look back this year and ponder , it went so quick, did some fantasic trips, including a walk about to clear my head, and maintain my sanity, over that period I wandered around like a lost person, finding solace in a bottle, having conversations with strangers at road stops, but all in all lots of fun, lots of questions and many answers.


Which leaves me with the following:


Why do we ride ?

How have we touched a persons life?


Three weeks ago I ended up attending eight accident scenes in 4 hrs over the weekend there was 2 deaths and 8 bikers lying in hospital, its never nice facing a loved one and telling them He is not coming home. But you suck it up, comfort them, give them time to get over the initial shock, then during the week support them with the police, morgue, funeral arrangements etc


We have a great support group of Chaplains, every loss of life we call on each other, to point now even my neighbours wonder if my house is being raided due to the number of cop cars, biker cops all pooping in during the weekend for a coffee and a chat, this is SA when you turn into your street and see 5 or 6 cop bikes and 2 or 3 vans all parked outside your heart pumps and jumps up into your throat as all you can think off is , have we been robbed, who has been killed etc, then you open up and there are all the guys having coffee, some even a beer if thier off duty.

I look back at a family that lost thier young son to cancer, the med,s they donated , that we passed onto to another family for thier child, now at least they have approx a years worth , so without a medical they have a chance. Or the fact we now have four spare oxygen concenrators, one life support lung machine and one automatic feeder machine in the foundation, so families in need can be assisted. We have also taken on another two special needs children this year and yes its a blessing, they are Angels in disguises.

One two day old baby who was born with a heart problem and no medical, well the medical has been sponsered for One year, Two other young kids will have a dream realised , as on the 3rd to the 5th Dec them and thier families are all going to Cape to see the sea, penguins, dolphins etc all expences paid, and all medical equipment for that trip sponsered.


Why do I ride? I have been riding since I was 7,  I am at present a MD in a company, but nothing can describe the open road and a machine between your legs, nothing can compare to road side coffee, hotdogs, wors roll, and all the other simple good food you find on the way. The companiship, the chats and smoke breaks , the rallies or day jols, the people that touch you and leave you feeling blessed or happy with a memory. Yes I ride its in my blood , it pumps through my veins. The best part my partner rides with me as well, a fantastic women , who brings many a smile and laugh to my face.


From jumping into a pool with all my clothes on and fressing myself on the way home, sitting in a resturant and ending up moving tables and turning it into a dance floor, from being drunk and screaming out of a passenger window at my buddy telling im I love him, from putting on my red emergency light and sticking my head out of the window doing a vocal siren and having cops pull my partner over, the baptisms, the one on one sessions with other club members, the events the birthdays, those sepcial moments that who have put or felt your buddies arms wrap around your shoulders and say love you mate.


This is the memories I leave this year with, the long dusty roads, the people, the smiles, the lifes saved and lost, and the simple things of a good plate of food, beer and friendships, nothing can beat it


Pic's will soon be posted, so God Bless, My prayer for you is may the Lord keep your ass in the seat, the rubber the right way up, protect and comfort your family, surround you with Angels. Amen


















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