Ride til we Rot

Ride til we Rot and Party til we Drop

The aim is to build a one off custom bike to be used as a promotional aid at any event that the rotters  are involved in… The bike would be used for example as a centre to any Rtwr stand, bike shows, local and national newspapers or TV coverage, To bring awareness to what the Rtwr society stands for in both the biking community and outside… I would also like to use the bike to raise awareness of the dangers between bikers and drivers campaign and hopefully get more people to think bike and show the world that we are not just a bunch of thugs….  What we need is people the give up time to help in the build, with ideas and parts.. Also to help get business and shops both biker related and outsiders to donate… We also need a safe workshop, lockup to build and keep the bike when it's finished… For the good of the society we need to build this bike for as little money as possible so it will make as much as possible for the Rtwr charity…. I then thought we would use this bike for around two years then auction it of while we start a new build… maybe a trike next… All proceeds of the auction would go to The Rtwr charity…. Anyone interested please sign up on the main rotters site… Cheers…  

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Tooled leather seat.... Mwahahahaha.... We're coming for you Terri.....

i heard you proposed to make hench the figure head...lol...does he know ?

Not yet, But soon...lol... Never met the guy, He's gonna think ''who the hells this!!!... lol...

Wolfe did the bobber get built then

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