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maybe it's me, and maybe I'm the one that needs a kick in the butt to become more active. But there appears to be a general lack of interest and lack of communication. With regards to happenings and the general day to day stuff that we as society members run into. I check my emails every other day and see nothing coming in from the society. I will admit that I for one don't wear my vest as much as i should.. as usually I'm riding with my Harley club..especially in winter. Next month the winter rally is on again at Nerriga , NSW. I wonder what other event will supercede, it...I fully expect to be blasted for this post so i'll sit back and wait..now.

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is there a list of persons running for president..with a little background info on them..that would help a prospective voter?

actually as i and the other founders see it, a point had been reached globally where something drastic had to be done to stop  the whole society in its tracks, in order to rethink, reshuffle and revamp every country in order for us to surge forward into the future.

no one thought that the society would grow to the proportions it has or have the amazing 'type' of members it does, thus enabling a fantastic global future in an extraordinary  way of helping fallen, sick, and bereaved members with the help of those that are either fit and healthy to mildly damaged.

every individual counts and has made some valuable contributions to this society, we would class some as minor and some as major ideas and activities. but to individuals even minor help given is a major event in their lives and has made a change to them.

from talking to, or going to hospital appointments, to advice on health or bike related issues the society as a whole has worked.

going one step further ... some countries looked into being 'charities' ... ( i hate that fucking word ) but we play the governments games of everything being above board and money appropriated for the society within those countries is strictly overseen by the tax men and governments of them. this is a good thing for both the society and the whole country.....

i am sick of everyone having to give to 'charities' in order for many to survive... but it is a sad fact of life all over this world.

i have asked the presidents for a couple of years now...what would your people need and benefit from in order to make life better for your own country...and to think big.... sean and his members have surpassed even this...and has raised money...and with the help of other bikers in south africa .. in order to gain hospitals that are clean and safe. in the uk we are now raising money for bikers to have their own OAP retirement homes in a complex of full bikers of all ages ..not just the elderly but also sick bikers, to also have garages/workshops and a community centre to make old age and dying feel like going out as they lived, and having a good time, and able to still keep their lifestyle to the extent they can.

other countries are now thinking about what they too can do or offer to do.

Geoff understands all of the above, and wants to dedicate his latter life to many great plans he see's happening in Australia and as i said before we already have a scheme happening next year between the uk and australia.

i feel at the moment disappointed that this election has so far got out of hand. i would like to think that all could be done in a fair manner (and from the uk's point it is, votes are steadily coming in and i am filing them )

i urge you all ... you are a great nation, please keep it clean.

all the best to everyone

manda x

i would think that any new president would want to know he had his countries support in order so he could justifiably see his win as not a win for himself but for the whole country, because it is Australia that is the ultimate loser in an unfair election. we need a president in your country who is patriotic, loves his people above himself and out to do what he can to carve a mark for australian's everywhere.

Ok you rotten lot I was gonna stand clear of this and still am ...but I would like to clear the air somewhat about this U.S.A. Society I am the National President I live in Texas and The National Vice President is Gary Roberts who is presently residing in California. Texas is a big state I don"t know if my assumption is correct but I would say that in area you could put Australia and the U.K . within our borders of Texas . We have a vast amount of territory to cover in these United States ..What would you say if I was to tell you that there are an average of 169 members in each of the 50 states? Well that would be bull shit cause there are less than 100 members in the whole shebang...this is the way it is - we have no reps ,spokesperson ,road captains ,etc . our country will take much time to develop and I sure am happy .when I founded this Country that' Big Mama' and 'Trikeskull' the world wide founders was 100% behind me ..understanding that my insecurity was understandable ,that I had my hands full. Out of my less than 100 members- I could count on any of them for most anything ...We have few in numbers but We do have quality..We have a long way to go ..I do know how to sell spots I do know, how and who.We have a Vice pres.that can sell an igloo to an Eskimo. We choose to have people that want to be apart of our society –they ask us ...the one's we have are the same people with the patch as the were before. We do not recruit or solicit members. Numbers at this time are meaningless to us. People here have many options of M/C clubs to join up with , I imagine there are Thousands nationwide. I spend much time on the computer and phone to founders discussing things ,When we wear the RtWR Patch we are standing out for every member worldwide and we should always conduct ourselves in a respectful way. 1% clubs run each state here -we have to abide by the unwritten rules . There are very many 1% clubs and any one of them do have the power to shut down the entire Society within the U.S.They probably could in any country if that was their agenda .It is what it is. No disrespect to anyone is meant but if anyone tries to make a motorcycle club outta this Society it is in Vain and is not what we are about. I just wanted you all to understand that the U.S.A. is in the early stages and we are all watching what develops everywhere. I am learning daily and I am praying for you- everyone ..can work out your differences w/o turning your back and all that goes with hard feelings .We have to adapt and overcome we need to take care of each other and leave No Rotten one behind –everyone counts...we will survive much like the Phoenix to Ride ‘til We Rot . ~ Reddog~

Hey Red Dog, not trying to start a war of words with you ol mate...but seriously Texas ain't that big. I been to the USA as you know..go get a globe and some grease paper trace Australia's outline then superimpose it over continential USA. You will get a shock...We here live on one big mother of an island....oh and while we are at it...Texas bbq is lame compared to ours..

Got to agree with Mark there, Australia is f**king huge, almost the size of the whole of N. America, unlike little old UK. Not so sure about the bbq's though. lol.


Wow Im shocked and saddened to see personal attacks and people trying to undermine the real issue here regarding the appointment of a New National President of Austrailia.This is a huge matter and hopfully everyone would like to see Austrailia united  and supportive in the appointment  of there new Nat President not divided,Everyone has made some good points regarding how the Society is run in there Country or State and we all try to help and support in any way we can.Im proud to be a member of this Society and will always give 110% of my support and dedication whilst being a member of the TOMCC NZ also.I wish Austrailia all the best and hope they can work thru any problems that seem to be arrising since Sturgis has decided to hand over the National Presidents title...

 My Worldwide Apologies

I stand corrected and humbled to my stupidity and seems I am caught thinking that everything is bigger in Texas...ha ...now I do see  my ignorance ...we all need to understand how we can be wrong and use this in everyday life and  put the shoe on the other foot  ,not jump to conclusions and try and understand the other persons feelings before somebody pisses themselves and paints themselves into a corner of no return- we are brothers and sisters , we all have value and we do all contribute and each of us that has some kinda problem needs our help to overcome..well I guess I turned me daftness into a lesson to even me . Maybe I can become more of a value to the Society and can learn from my mistakes and ignorance ... Damn Australia is almost as big as the whole damn U.S.A. ....In my mind I always pictured Texas like the picture  I do stand Corrected....lol~Reddog~

don't worry RedDog, its a common enough mistake, sitting with friends in the lounge room in South Dakota, one evening. I spotted a globe and thought it would be nice if they knew where I came from...I took down the globe and handed it too the husband..After circling the globe with his finger...he proclaimed Australia didn't exist, and that I came from Texas..I grabbed the globe and found Australia...and handed it back saying look again..he did and still couldn't find it...I then saw he was looking in the northern hemisphere only. Lift up the globe Scott..and search underneath...he did...and found it....turning the globe on its side..he was amazed. Then he looked at me real strange as he turned the globe the right way up...his finger traced from the west coast down and around to Australia. He looked at me and said...."how come Australia doesn't just fall off?"....the lounge room exploded with laughter...and Scott sat perplexed on his couch..."whats so funny?"  

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