Ride til we Rot

Ride til we Rot and Party til we Drop

Hi guys, is there some way to block unwanted spamers mailing through the site?

I've had so many mails from nutters wanting to bring happyness to my body that my O'l lady is starting to look at me funny.


Ride safe


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Wish I got do much female attention when I was single....
Haha a vasectomy is never having to say your sorry.

Hey James


Hope you enjoyed the Pardise Rally, well I answered one of these email, stating I has a hard ass biker that had over 400 members , and I was looking for women that are into drugs, crime, violence, also stating I wanted a women that could service all the  guys at meetings for gang bangs, and we sell women etc at rallies -- really made it out to be really hard etc. Thought this would scare them off, hell I got naked pic's  and endless emails after that, so please dont try my approach as these females are just crazy and all wanted to accept my offer, the thought of doing 400 guys in one night would scare the hell out of me. ahahaha


Ride safe my brother keep the ass in the seat and the rubber on the road



To be honest I did think on the same lines. Were the naked pics worth it or those that send you running a mile!!

How is that Lass doing from The cowboys?
Get any feedback?

The pics, (very scary) , could even sell them on the net If I wanted to , Spoke to the paramedic  that picked her up as he works with us on the ICE (Bikers emergency services)  she is alive but in a bad way  and will take a long time to heal, it seems she hit the back of the car and went over - the worse damage is to her legs and thighs as the flesh was taken off by the tar  down to the bone.  So far she is in recovery , at least that is good news, but the scars and recovery really only begins when the plastic surgery and all that is over. Just wish people would put on proper riding pants when on highways and riding , at least broken bones can mend quick , but tar and demins dont really match up.


Thanks for the help at the rally to get a hold of the cowboys, it did help  and we did get her assistence




I very much dislike those spammers and delete them asap but even I fall into the trap too. I asked the last one to delete 2 of her profiles as she had 3 and she was from Senegal .I thought she might be a spammer and someone deleted her...thanks all I can do is try~or as Savoy Brown sings "All I can do is Cry"
Well I had high hopes of riding off and living in a mud hut on the border of Swaziland with one of the lovely ladies who want my body on here.

Unfortunately it was all a pipe dream and it was only my money she was after.

If she had seen my bank account she would have been better off with my body.


Got caught By "nelson" just delete delete delete!!!!

Jeff Rawlings said:

Got caught By "nelson" just delete delete delete!!!!

Hi Stinger, no worries, sent that post a year ago. You guys are doing a sterling job. Cheers mate.

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