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> Speed Cameras
> >
> > Thought you might be interested to know that following the UK
> > Government's freedom of information act you can now get access to ALL
> > speed camera offences registered in the last 12 months.
> >
> > Did you know that every time your car goes past a speed camera,even 1mph
> > over the set limit, it is registered and put on a database? You only get
> > a ticket if you are way over the limit or, (this is the bit that I
> > didn't know) if you receive over 10 near misses, you will be classed as
> > a serial offender and get a ticket the next time you go just over the
> > limit.
> >
> > This is why you hear of people being done for 34mph in a 30mph limit
> > area, whilst others doing 39 do not. You can check what has been
> > registered against your vehicle at the following web address:
> >
> > http://www.i-database.co.uk
> >
> > You will be asked for a password, but just click on the need a Password
> > link and you will be given one for future use. Or just enter your car
> > registration.
> >
> >
> > If there is any data on your vehicle you can click on the camera window
> > to see a copy of the photograph.
> >
> > Hope it's useful.

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That had me going. I actually live in Denmark but collected my Guzzi from England in August.I actually rode through the area it says I was speeding in. What a coincidence.


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