Ride til we Rot

Ride til we Rot and Party til we Drop

I would like to ask all of you to dig about and please see if you could spare some money in order for us to continue with this site.

in the past i and trikeskull have paid or topped up from donations given.

we need this paid this week or the site will go down and be a ball ache to activate.

there is a donate button on here and this goes directly via pay pal into the rtwr account.

if we had a to start a new site then this would cause havoc worldwide ... this site is the cheapest we can get for the limitless size we enjoy.

i thank all of you that paid something last year. it was a huge help.

i thank all of those who help out this year.

manda x

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many thanks to REDDOG who has donated to this site, also to wolfspider, xx please keep it coming...we had a whip round at our meet tonight...thank you all at the forge tonight ....thanks to nigel international youth rep for his tactics with the locals..lol...it paid off..lol

also to ( via donate button) many thanks

William Ennis AUS on behalf of all aussie members
Neil Garner UK
john bool AUS
Nicola Jane Smith UK
G R Wijker UK
Rudy Lacchin UK
kevin rokyckyj UK
daniel wenban UK
Hull Crew whip round UK
Forge meeting night whip round UK

 Much thanks to the members that did donate .Also realize that there are many members with much difficulties that does not permit them to do so . This is understandable . I will personally and wholeheartedly pledge myself to making some donations throughout the coming year ... this donation is necessary every year and if we all, that financially can ,could give a little, it can and will make a big difference for this Society..Every Country benefits in many ways  from this main site ..God  help us all to prosper as we move forward and Ride 'til We Rot~

well said Reddog..more thanks to

Adam Palmer New Zealand
mat craddock UK
kay wilson australia
kevin rokyckyj UK ( another 3 donations)

I'm with you Reddog and will take that pledge with you to donating through the year when ever I can understanding that not every one can do so ... Hopefully this site will always stay open for old members to use and new members to find us.... 

thats ok kay ...xx

Kay Wilson (Nat State Rep NSW) said:

Will put some money in Tuesday next week when I get paid Manda, sorry I can't do it before then

amended xxx

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