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Hey all...

I don't know if any of you have come across 'The British Biker Relief Foundation ( BBRF)' or not but just a word of warning... They have a website and a Facebook account asking for donations to help fallen riders family's to deal with the loss of a loved one.... They also claim to help bikers back into riding by paying for the building of Trike's and so on... However I have had a bad experience... They say you can join the foundation by sending money in the form of a donation and they will then send you a patch and confirmation of joining... But this doesn't happen because according to Paypal, they don't exist any more... But they are still accepting donations.... They do not answer any phone calls, emails or questions on Facebook... If anyone has had a good experience please let me know... It's not about the money because I for one would give to a cause like this over and over, But not even Paypal know where the money's going... I'm sure that these guys were once genuine and really tried to get members and get it running, but unfortunately it all went wrong... They really should close the site and stop accepting money...

Stay safe.... Spider.     

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Interesting sounds like just another avenue that these scammers use to get money from people with a good heart and generous disposition,,,,,Cheers Alan

thanks for the warning.will pass details on to members

No problem Pugs... We can't allow these people to make money out of such a worthy cause....  

I have looked into it extensively.... 'The British Biker Relief Foundation ( BBRF) are a legitimate organisation. i have spoken at length with Andy....many thanks to him for this.

Although they run differently to us... they work towards a few similar goals.

Andy will be visiting me to meet with our trustees, members, and reps and we hope to form a mutual bond between us in order to help organise various things in which rtwr members can if they want join in and likewise andys lot. Sometimes pooling information and advice on how the best way to help bikers is a valuable asset to all parties.

They are a relatively new group and feeling their way just like we did once...

I apologise to Andy and the 'The British Biker Relief Foundation ( BBRF) if this thread has caused any embarrassment  ... i do know the concerns of members having seen some of the rip off merchants we have encountered in the past, but this is not one of those.

Looking forward to meeting you Andy to discuss matters further. best wishes to you and good luck with your endeavors..Manda x

I looked into it deeply too... and couldn't get any response at all from these people... I understand that things can go wrong from time to time but BBRF totally ignored  all my calls and mails... I tried to contact them through Facebook with no response and again through Paypal, and again no response...  If this has caused any embarrassment then I apologise but may I suggest for the future.... Keeping your head down doe's not make a problem go away....... I think that this reply makes me look like the bad guy... Well I'm hear to tell you, I'm Not..............

Hey Spider,

Joined them about a month ago. Got my membership patch etc about a week ago now. Did have to send them a message on Facebook to ask where it was, they did reply a day or two later saying it had been sent out. Will keep an eye on there activities as would like to make sure my money is put to good use.



This was just an oversight.... They hadn't been up and running long but they apparently have now got it together and though to be honest I haven't re tried to join but do know people that have and would give them the thumbs up... I just seem to have had a bad experience but will stand by the warning I gave at the time to my fellow rotters..... After 3 weeks of chasing them and getting no response, I felt at the time it was the right thing to do....


Fair play mate would have done the same thing myself!

Must try again soon... It's a great cause....

David... Read all the facts before commenting........ I had a problem at the time....

Hi alan,

I sent money/joined them a couple of months ago with no problems recieved patch etc, so maybe they sorted out a glitch i dont know but had no problems with them,

they are also being promoted by diggerinthewind on you tube ?

                                                                            stay safe bro,

                                                                                 roy robbo robson rtwr 

Yes mate... I would say teething problems but they are up and running now with no problems at all.. It was a bad experience on my behalf at the time and I was just looking after our members, but all sorted now bro...

Cheers robbo.. stay safe dude.... 

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