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Hey all...

I don't know if any of you have come across 'The British Biker Relief Foundation ( BBRF)' or not but just a word of warning... They have a website and a Facebook account asking for donations to help fallen riders family's to deal with the loss of a loved one.... They also claim to help bikers back into riding by paying for the building of Trike's and so on... However I have had a bad experience... They say you can join the foundation by sending money in the form of a donation and they will then send you a patch and confirmation of joining... But this doesn't happen because according to Paypal, they don't exist any more... But they are still accepting donations.... They do not answer any phone calls, emails or questions on Facebook... If anyone has had a good experience please let me know... It's not about the money because I for one would give to a cause like this over and over, But not even Paypal know where the money's going... I'm sure that these guys were once genuine and really tried to get members and get it running, but unfortunately it all went wrong... They really should close the site and stop accepting money...

Stay safe.... Spider.     

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haha that should say dibberinthewind on you tube , wrong button lol

And you mate, no probs good to know..

Alan Wolfspider Smith Nat rep said:

Yes mate... I would say teething problems but they are up and running now with no problems at all.. It was a bad experience on my behalf at the time and I was just looking after our members, but all sorted now bro...

Cheers robbo.. stay safe dude.... 

I appreciate that I haven't been in here long. I just felt that I should comment. The BBRF Helped me to move house when I was flooded out earlier this year. I joined them last year and received my patch and membership within 28 days as promised. I met Pete and Andy. They seem genuine guys and maybe they are just having a problem because it's Rally Season?

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