Ride til we Rot

Ride til we Rot and Party til we Drop

Hi Guys sorry for not being in-touch but had a really bad year it started early with a hospital stay and had my appendix removed then Phenomena then Miniers disease which really knocked me for a 6er the 5 weeks ago they thought I had a stroke the side of my face went numb but I saw the specialist yesterday and they are now not sure if it was a stroke or not there  was some damage in the brain stem but it appears to be healing itself  and they are now thinking it is lymphoma but had another MRI yesterday and they are having a round table discussion tomorrow to discuss my case so will know next week what is going on with the CMT I have anything could be going on so it is good that I can give the Trike a run to Melbourne next week a lot easier parking hehee.

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Gee Brian, it sounds like you have had more than your share of bad luck. I'm sure all the RTwR members join me in wishing you a speedy recovery. When you're back on your bike ride safely and keep the rubber down. Cheers Mike.

Wow Brian

    Looks like you are due for some good luck.It appears that you have had too much of the other kind.Praying you a speedy recovery as I am sure all the other members do.Hoping you tests come back in your favor `RtWR~Danny

Hello Brian and i thought i was having a bad year but yours has been rough and glad to here your keeping positive and keen to get out in the wind and Hopefully things will get better and everything can only pale in comparision to the year you had..All the best from your Kiwi Brothers and Sisters the RtWR.....

Hey Brian, are you and frog riding down on sunday, tara n I are looking forward to catching up.

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