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Hi if any of you's have got a ride you want to do or meet up or anything NZ members will want to know about put it up on New Zealand Group site easy for you's to keep a eye out for all event's ( OHINGAITI HOTEL STATE HIGHWAY 1) has special deals for motor bikes it's owned by our NAT-REP-NZ Charlie & Annie. call in say hi or stay for a good time you can contact Charlie on NEW ZEALAND GROUP  

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Comment by Charlie (vice president) NZ on May 23, 2011 at 10:12

Thankyou Adam for your faith in me, im here for the club a 110 % and im hoping it will be settling for the members. 

Comment by Joe Hemi on May 23, 2011 at 9:16

getting sick of all these lonely women wanting to meet me on this website .Bloody inbox is full of it


Comment by Adam E Palmer/National Pres nz on May 23, 2011 at 3:38
I would like everyone to know if you want to chat to me personaly and express how your feeling about the society heres my number.021.230.5863..Im always willing to chat and listen to what you have to say regarding the society in NZ.Firsty if some people arent happy with the way its run or who might be in certain positions then you just have to accept that as i have faith in Charlie as my V/P and the internal banter has to stop..If your not happy then i suggest leaving the society and i will gladdly reimberse you for your patch or anything esle you might have that you dont want???It seems people are getting wound up without knowing the full fact???
Comment by kathy ellis on May 22, 2011 at 3:48

I like this photo.....hope to meet you all soon, June 4 at the Ohingaiti pub! Thnx Charlie and Annie for making this space available to us!!!


Comment by Charlie (vice president) NZ on May 21, 2011 at 4:02

hi brothers n sisters. sorry not replying earlier, unlike some, i work 100+ hrs per wk & cant reply as quick as some would exspect, however herei am!! 1st off congrats to adam as our fully elected president (with the internaional committee's surport), well done!! as you all will agree its just so important to have a positive leader. that puts the club FIRST!!. annie & i were surprized to see someone has taken upond themseives to remove the ohingaiti picture off the RTwR web site??? as most of you guys signed up here or got to here about RTwR here, annie & i. however if you like we will put another picture of the pub up (please feel free to coment). to sian sorry annie & i couldnt come & see u race, like i said earlier we are married to our pub, but our thoughts were with you, & have to say bloody well done!!! might pay me to keep the triumph in the shed when the bmw is around lol. thats about it from us for now except to remind every one of our ohingaiti pubs 1st poker run on the 4th june hope to see you all there.(thanks gos to pete) for the inital idea. may the wind always be in your face & the sun on your back


Comment by Sian Weggery on May 19, 2011 at 11:00
First I'd like to thank Midnight and Jacquelin for turning up and watching me race in the wet on mothers day race day. I ended up with a third in my class. Now in Gisborne without my bike, am missing riding, but "such is life" as Ned Kelly quoted before the officials hung him!! I live in a housebus and while on the move Beemy stays behind. I get the feeling that there is some friction in the NZ society at the moment, please don't let that happen and stay cool bros. Anyone up this area get in touch before I head off. Regards Sian
Comment by Adam E Palmer/National Pres nz on May 19, 2011 at 0:47
Sorry for the delay in the Anoucment of Charlie(aka..Chucky..)as NZ VICE PRES im sure he will give it 100% even if he does struggle with the computer and Technology, A brother all the best..........
Comment by Charlie (vice president) NZ on May 3, 2011 at 7:36
dont forget 4th june (saturday) our 1st annual poker run. $20 per hand. prize for best hand, worst hand, & spot prizes. starting at Empire hotel in FEILDING,at 10am, & finishing here at OHINGAITI hotel for prizes & PARTY!!, for those of you who want to stay the night. $40.00 gets you a bed & cooked breky, also tent sites avalible. so kick old faithfull in the guts,& come for the day or the w/end cheers
Comment by Manda (National president UK) on May 2, 2011 at 10:55

Statement from Founders  01 05 2011

It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Adam Palmer as your new President and we wish him well in this role.

Also we thank Les Blackwell known to us and you as Midnight for volunteering to help Adam all he can whilst he sets about coming to grips with his Presidency.

I have had a few requests as to the role of Vice President and Reps. For those who have asked about this and shown an interest, these posts are an internal to New Zealand affair and I advise you to put your names
forward Adam.

All the posts in Ride Til We Rot are open to both male and females, regardless of race religion, disability etc.

(Extract from guidelines in this matter)

Common sense, and a common goal, and common decency should be all that is needed.

The only criteria for members wishing to hold any type of office, physically speaking, is that they are alive. No disability is a disability. This has also been made more possible,
due to speaking programmes on computers.

We have seen in the past years a wealth of club and society knowledge thrown away by individuals who have had such severe accidents that they do not think they could be a part of the biking
community. Each person will be different and allowances made and help and
assistance given to such members who are willing to take on any position. We
will try to work round any disability, as knowledge, understanding, and
commitment is not something we should let slip away within the biking world.

It is to be remembered that bikers past’s are what made biking history. Biker’s future history is what bikers will make

I understand that many in New Zealand have computer skills problems. Let me put your mind at rest on this... so does the rest of the world.

Along with tv remotes, programming a vcr, working an Ipod, I often feel this world is against me. I have a new mobile phone that has so many features and still I can
only make and receive phone calls. All of these is second nature to any 9 year
old (I say this as I often find my granddaughter trying to teach me how to work
the damn things)

Many of us worldwide will help you to work a computer. Stick with trying, you do get there in the end... slowly..( it will age you , frustrate you, and force you to
swear) both trikeskull and myself take the swearing to new levels at times.

On behalf of us both

Good Luck in all your endeavours in New Zealand

Ride safe 

Comment by Charlie (vice president) NZ on April 21, 2011 at 3:19
almost forgot if u have text no/s of non email members PLEASE let them know. i have most but not all.

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