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Comment by Cameron Mckenzie Vice Pres SA on January 31, 2011 at 11:06

Coffee in the car park was much needed for the few that had hangovers or just needed to wake up, the weather was great temps started off around 18 and sun was shining , final instructions from the Road Captain  and we geared up at 6:30 and hit the road.  Average speed was around 120 km  we all arrived safe.


There it was meet and greet friends , another round of coffee and into the bikers church, approx 250 bikers supported the event , afterwards its was the normal chit chat,  a couple of beers for those that wanted a drink, Our group rode out and went for breakfast  the restaurant and normal Sunday morning shoppers must have had a scare when they seen 30 bikers storming the mall and making way to the breakfast buffet table.


I laughed because even a poor kid in the toilet screams at his mother and shout out Ma daars a biker tanie in die toilet (Mom there is a biker woman in the toilet)  she quickly rush her poor kid out of there in  hurry ( I wonder what she thought or what she was scared off)


All in all a great run and a great start to the day , must admit when I got back to my place I crashed for 2 hours as I needed to energy for my daughters 22nd birthday party.


Oh by the way I am 6.2 ft  and in one of the pic’s I posted I am sandwiched between two Pastors  Cobus and Johan – Cobus is 6.5ft and Johan is 7ft  both body builders that make me look like a midget , the joke is if they cant pray it out then they will just biksliem it out ( Pray it out or beat it out of you)

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