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Why Should You Avoid Rapid Weight Loss With Synthetic Diet Pills

Actually hard work so much misinformation about weight loss that people couldn't find right accessories. Everybody is looking for quick solutions to lose weight without determining whether you need to pounds or instead of.

What you decide to do is find some online programs that are relevant to all your niche and give them on a site also. There are two really explanations for certain. The first is that it improve your sales and help to ensure you more profitable. Second, it assist…


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My Story

In 1999, I bought my very first motorcycle - a 2000 Yamaha V-Star Classic 650.  Black and chrome.  I added almost every accessory available and the bike was beautiful.  I had 5 good years of riding.  I taught middle school at the time and broke up a few fights between students.  After trying to do the right thing, I found myself partially disabled from injuries sustained.  I had to be careful with my body and decided to sell my ride.  This was a very depressing time!  7 years later I decided…


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Bikers With MS

Hi i hope its okay to post this here we have made a group called Bikers With MS , we are a pretty niche bunch as most folks with MS or ON would distance themself from a bike or 2 or 3 wheels , we are just nutters , we want the group to grow to a place where we can support and give hints tips and tricks and share our secrets to staying on 2 or 3 wheels the group is open to anyone and bikers riders or pillions and trikers or ex-bikers or current please do support us and help us to help…


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X-Mas Wishes

Very Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year :-)

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no net on phone hope we can link

hi all u guys great to get back..see whats up....some sad things...real life things..funny things...good rides meet new ppl all over... just wish to take the time to thank all the presidents and founder ...co founder as well....and us members that help them ppl if we can...i was here from go when the site and ning was a call..great to see all ppl meet.. hey sturgis (pres mate) if u go hope someone fills ur little boots lol..ur a big man cheers floyd

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winter willies.

Living south of the equator in sultry Aussie land spoils us ole Aussies rotten..down under in this great sunburnt land gives, most of us the chance to ride all year around. Except maybe if you live in Tasmania, or around the Alpine areas where it actually snows for a few months of the year. It can even be said that in parts of Queersland in summer its often too hot to ride during the day, so they wait till dark and ride at night when its cooler...I don't know about this..cause as i know the…


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Hippy new year all!

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Tumbles ashes

Tumbles was cremated and her ashes will be spread along the tail of the dragon up in Tn this spring. If I lived in the USA I would move heaven and earth to be there for this event. I don't...I wonder if any Rotters from the USA might like to attend in my stead..Tumbles was a member here and was a true advocate of what this group was about...She died of bone cancer earlier this month she fell off her ride alot, and still climbed back on and kept going...she led her…


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Tumbles passed at 3.00pm US eastern time. She rode despite a degree of pain throughout a long an arduous battel with cancer. She was a founding member of the Amazons womens MC, and was an office bearer for sometime. She road a Roadking..and was a great rider...I was lucky enough to share some wind time with her Last July/August.... hert friendship and her writings will surely be missed. Tumbles was 46.

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Okay it's near that time of the year again..we've hit December and again I wonder where another year has gone. I used to sit in the class room at school, and just stare at the clock hoping it would run faster, now days I glance at the clock on the wall , and an hours gone...it what seemed 5 minutes since I last looked at it.

Every year i look forward to the events that I go to annually..Dungog came and went..and so did the…


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Biker done and dusted

Just got some news that a long time biker succummbed to Cystic fibrosis..Vince Bonic....leaving behind a wife and family..so long Mate...Catch ya in the next life.

He's in my other club the American Motorcycle Club. I have had a few long hauls with this guy over the years.the last being 2 years back when we hauled our asses down to Victoria. He was travelling with his boy...who i have found out also has cystic fibrosis..and…


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riding the USA on a budget pt 6

So now i'm back in eastern SD...Sturgis was Sturgis..if you have never been then you will never know. It is an experience. The ride back across from west to east is fairly boring with occasionly funny bits intertwined. Filling up in Murdo in a packed to the rafters gas station...I inadvertantly twisted the rottle whilst moving the bike..flooding the carbi...I fired the bike and the thing exploded...30 men ducked and spun around looking for the source..I burst…


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riding the USA on a budget pt 5

Eastern south Dakota is just like a 2nd home...I feel really comfortable there. So we, my two hosts Rob, and me struck out for Sturgis heading west via Wagner and Winner, and a 70 mile an hr head wind all the way. We hit Lake Randall and this time i got to wander around the old Cavalry fort area...Cemetary and old church...so much history. We continued on and pulled into the badlands, toured around and took numero pictures...finally pulling into to Rapid city…


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riding the USA on a budget pt 4

You know you love riding with a group of people, the time and the miles just seem to fly by, I was hauling ass up 29...well for the purpose of this it was 29...could have another number...you know its higher altitude than down on the coast even though its flat. The bikes shit...bigger jets than standard and I was getting around 75 miles per tank...its was beginning to become a real drag. Oh well not far to go now... I'd already had a few complaints from the…


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riding the USA on Budget part iii

Waking up in Indianoplois Indiana the next day we met up with a remarkable young man of 12. He lives with his Aunt and Uncle, and they give him a life. He's 12 now and is th size of your average 3 year old. He rides around in a motorised wheel chair , and is a huge fan of Nascar..infact the Indianopolis 500 was on, and he had box seats. Getting out on the road we headed for Missouri to meet up with none other than Wooli and his lady Bitchy...As it turns out…


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riding the USA on a budget ii

Okay, I meet up with my mate Rob from Ga...we hit the road in Pa and head for Gettysburg..what a place. So much history...That hill little round top....can be observed from far n wide through out the area. Crossed the Mason Dixon line...heading for Antitiem..or what ever its called, another historic civil war Battle ground...stayed with a mate and his wife in Sharpesburg, an interesting note, this guys house was an actual field hospital for both sides during the war…


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I'm improving each day now. The first 3-4 days I felt like I was actually getting worse each day. The knee is starting to itch around the bigger wound, so that must mean that's getting better. There'…

I'm improving each day now.

The first 3-4 days I felt like I was actually getting worse each day. The knee is starting to itch around the bigger wound, so that must mean that's getting better. There's no skin left right on top of the knee cap so it going to scar over like a burn does I'm told. I now only have "discomfort" in two areas of my ribs (front near my sternum and back under my shoulder blade). I can take a deep breath and even cough and sneeze without anything more than you…


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the waiting game

Yeah well we all do it, we play the waiting game. Right now I'm short. Real short. I fly out on the July 2 for the USA and part ii of my travels in the US. I last did a trip 2010..sturgis etched into my memory forever. Now the waiting game is again upon me. Ticket paid for bike deposit paid, and waiting for me...routes picked out, right up until i hit Atlanta...then its anyones guess whereI'll end up..Sturgis well yeah thats the plan...gotta get my arse to Sioux falls though, got some mighty…


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