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Back To The Future OR Return To The Past?!

Before I even get on with my Rant, how the heck does starting a 'Blog' differ from adding a 'Forum Thread'?! I dunno... same thing, different name?! ;-)

In any case, what's been sticking in my craw for some time, and this seems to be as good a time as any to get it out there IS: Current Bikes (Motorcycles) versus Past ones. At least in my case 1970's vs. the 2000's machines. Okay, I have to concede I think modern Cars probably kick the arse of all the crappy Cars (60’s / 70’s) that I ever owned in the past. No, were not talking better (obviously NOT!) kick arse performance and quarter mile times – just plain old day in day out reliability and Service Life. At what price though? We can’t work on the damn things, or at least I can’t! BUT What about Bikes we have today versus bikes say from the Seventies (and even part of the Eighties)? Are these modern ones better (at about a dozen times the cost) or worse?! I’m saying the latter is true!

Especially IF you take into account like I’m assuming MOST of us ARE in here, are pretty dang banged up these days – either from just getting catapulted offa’ the damn scoots once too often AND/or getting used for Target Practice by total Morons in Cages! I use ‘Harleys’ for my reference but honest to gosh I’ve owned all the ‘main’ brands at one time or another – Metric or ‘Yankee’ – it seriously applies across the board! ;-) I’m saying that 70’s bikes from my experience were reasonably priced (for the USD $1.00/$2.00 per hour wages I earned back then in Factories), were EASY to work on, and lasted a Good, LONG, time! ;-) Bikes now though, with EFI or (modern) lousy CV’s, ‘Crankcase Position Sensors’, and the horrid, lousy LOW octane (but very expensive and CRAPPY!) Petrol/Gasoline we have these days, MSRP’s priced at amounts we’ll spend the rest of our lives paying off, are the ultimate pits!

Least’ ways that’s how I’m feeling about it these days. Harley-wise I grew up mostly with Cast-Iron Sporties and Shovelheads. Were they perfect?! HELL no, not even remotely! BUT I could work on em’, fix em’, and keep them (AND myself) happy! But these modern Evo/Blockheads and TC/Fatheads?! For almost 20 years now I watched the Rich (or at least better off?!) folks on later model bikes pile in and out of the Black Hills gleefully on they’re late model scoots. I had a major case of sour grapes because I had to sell my beloved Shovel of 15+ years to keep my family afloat. Years later when it finally became my turn to get some of these ‘modern wonders’ (natch’ after THEY were done with em’) now I’m wondering (with all the operational problems I’ve had since) – what is so f’n great about these late model H-D’s compared to the supposed “evil” AMF bikes I loved and enjoyed so many years ago?! I’m not seeing it…

Yeah, I know… Aluminum Cylinders (greater heat dissipation / tighter clearances), blah-blah-blah…. All sounds great on paper but reality seems to be an entirely different matter, depending on which side of the corporate desk your sitting, ya’ know?! These days I’m just no longer convinced those old Shovelheads were so bad after all?! It’s neither here nor there these days anyways – currently my V92SC Victory (Polaris) uses EFI and rides like a Bucking Bronco in heat! Supposedly careful cleaning of the Throttle Body will cure this but I’m not overly optimistic (from my dealings so far with later H-D’s). Ever try to drain a 6 gallon fuel tank with NO Petcock (the way Polaris Industries designed it) on it?! And this tank has to be removed every time you do anything – including change the lousy Spark Plugs! Major f’n fun to be sure! Nuff’ said.

Footnote: Honest to gosh, I'm thinking my next scoot is going to be a Panhead for cripes sakes! ;-) Or at the very least a 'Retro' 93ci Pan w/Alternator (Rotor/Stator under the Primary) and use the old DC Generator area for a Spin-On Oil-Filter conversion, and a Mallory Pointless in the Distributor. ;-) I'd like to stick this all into a FXS 4-Speed Rolling Chassis - should slip right in, hey?! ;-)

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