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In 1999, I bought my very first motorcycle - a 2000 Yamaha V-Star Classic 650.  Black and chrome.  I added almost every accessory available and the bike was beautiful.  I had 5 good years of riding.  I taught middle school at the time and broke up a few fights between students.  After trying to do the right thing, I found myself partially disabled from injuries sustained.  I had to be careful with my body and decided to sell my ride.  This was a very depressing time!  7 years later I decided I wanted a bobber type of ride. So, in 2012, I bought a 1987 Honda Rebel 450 that was about 1/2 way the way I wanted it to look.  Now "she" (she can be difficult at times) is a real looker.  I got back on and have been riding steadily ever since!   As soon as I can, I will post a pic.  So glad to be here with everyone!

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