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Ride til we Rot and Party til we Drop

Okay, I meet up with my mate Rob from Ga...we hit the road in Pa and head for Gettysburg..what a place. So much history...That hill little round top....can be observed from far n wide through out the area. Crossed the Mason Dixon line...heading for Antitiem..or what ever its called, another historic civil war Battle ground...stayed with a mate and his wife in Sharpesburg, an interesting note, this guys house was an actual field hospital for both sides during the war , depending on who held the town..at the time..his house is riddled with musket balls to prove the fact.

Leaving there Rob and i travelled down Virginia through the Shanendorah valley and crossed over the mountains staying in New Hope...before continuing the next day to Danville on the South Carolina border...There we parted company he for Ga and me for Florida...

I met up with my next guide Tumbles...and my adventure continued in earnest....Savanah Ga to St Augustine, Jacksonville and all points in between. Sites and sounds abound...etched upon my mind forever...

I left Floridas heat for Ga and too meet up with Rob again with Tumbles making a trio...met up and renewed friendships over in Newnan Ga and then off to Carterveille to start our campaingn to West Virginia...rode deals gap and the cherahala skyway...and took in the countryside...Chatanooga and another famous battlefield Chickamorga...and then onto Morgantown...what a let down Mountainfest was. The town run the event and you can't party with cops and state troopers wandering around glaring at you...Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances we Lost contact with Tumbles as well...too make matters worse non of our cell phones worked in the Morgantown area... Rob and i continued on alone, as we were dirty on the prices. Motel acoms $170 per night...So we spilt for Indiana...and then South Dakota..via Lake of the Ozarks and Kansas city.


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Comment by Mark Jones on September 4, 2012 at 22:27

haven't finished yet boyz...morte to come...

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