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So now i'm back in eastern SD...Sturgis was Sturgis..if you have never been then you will never know. It is an experience. The ride back across from west to east is fairly boring with occasionly funny bits intertwined. Filling up in Murdo in a packed to the rafters gas station...I inadvertantly twisted the rottle whilst moving the bike..flooding the carbi...I fired the bike and the thing exploded...30 men ducked and spun around looking for the source..I burst out laughin....eveyone calmed down fast...some grabbed hearts...some looked at me pissed and disgusted..pays to be a big guy sometimes. Another time i was enveloped by about 5 riders so i just joined in with them...Rob got a good look at em and came up and smiled at me then took off...after about 10 miles or so i started having a look at em myself...they were all chicks....so i took off...didn't see them again unfortuntely..but I starred in the video the back up car was taking...

All rides come to an end 3 days later Rob left for Ga...I stayed on in Eastern SD for a few days and then headed north to Fargo...to sell the Vulcan score a new tatt..re acquaint myself with an old friend and fly to Reno...where i spent a week bikeless in Fernley...got to visit places like Virginia city Fallon Sand Mountain Middleton and the famous Mustang Ranch.....not many mustangs there though... i ended up with a t shirt and still to this day don't remember buying it...but i have it. Or at least my son has it...its too small for me.

Nevada was great the High Desert...soon it was time to fly again and i winged it down to LA...never stayed longer than a few hours in LA, this time i had 5 days to kill....or be killed....So I holed up in an Econolodge..in Inglewood, won't recommend that place..not even coffee in the room. Or a fridge...sucked. I hired a car, and tripped around. Did venice beach (2) San Bernadino Valley...made 15 miles shy of palm springs...Torrence  Downtown LA...cause i got lost again on the friggin fwy...met some cool people i knew...and basically waited till i flew out saturday Sept.1   9 weeks went slowly then sped up....I got to see old friends and made some new ones. Saw places I'd only ever read about in books...and toured 21 states and rode over 9,000 miles. Not including vehicles miles..which would have put me somewhere closer to 12,000...

For anyone reading this whether within the USA or around the globe, America is the place to be if you are any kind of a biker.

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