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Ok, when I get time I'm going to try and document the ongoing misadventure that is my trike - The Beast.


It will be based on my all time favourite bike - Honda Magna V65, V4 1100cc powered monster of a bike that combines my love of of 'V' configuration engines with outright monster blasting, shoulder wrenching, teeth rattling power and custom cruiser style bikes!


Anyway, before that, a little history so you can appreciate just how important this trike is to me and my mind set.

I've ridden a large variety of engine type bikes, singles, inline twins, inline fours, VTwins, V4s and I just love the feel of the 'V' configuration engine above all others.


In 2006, I bought my first trike due to an RTA in 2005 that left me mobility compromised.  A Suzuki Intruder VS800 based trike built by Rhino Trikes in Chard, Somerset UK, and although it got me on the road, and I really enjoyed riding it there was something missing.   The outright grunt of a monster sized engine.  Yeah I customised it a lot - mainly cos I got fed up with people at rallies saying "yeah it's nice but it's a Rhino"  as if it was something they were scraping off their shoes!!!!  But it didn't give me the all out thrill of riding that I had when out on bikes like my Harley Sportster 1200, Yamaha Vmax 1200 and lately the Honda Magna V65.  I finally sussed out what I was missing - it was the shoulder aching power that the others had.  That close to the edge feel that only a very powerful big engined bike can give you.  (And yeah the HD did give me that as it had a Stage One conversion and Kuryakyn Hypercharger on board which gave it a lot more punch that the standard build!)


So, I tried getting back on 2 wheels.  My first attempt was probably too soon after the accident, I bought a Yamaha Virago XV1100.  It seemed ideal, another big engined bike, but custom cruiser styed, low centre of gravity and ride height so I could get both feet firmly planted on the ground.  But because of lack of confidence I ended up selling it on.  I stuck with the trike again for a year or so, then had another go at riding 2 wheels - I bought the Honda Magna V65 last year and found that I could ride it really well - even my wife Annabel wanted to get back into the pillion seat.  


Yeah there's a but!  Cos of my bum left leg, I had problems getting the monster off the driveway - you'd have to see our drive to understand this statement. It slopes up to the house and also downhill.  It opens on to a very busy road that is used as a "rat run" by locals to get to various estates and town centre - so most of the traffic is travelling well over the speed limit!  The driveway is also very short, so no room to turn around on it.  I therefore have to push the bike out backwards, which with my bum leg is very awkward and on more than one occasion I have nearly lost it and dropped the bike.  I finally admitted defeat and decided to convert it to a trike before I did myself more damage..........


Well that's the history of my reasoning to convert the V65 into a trike.  I will be going through the build as I have time and it occurs.  See you around later :-D


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